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Jan 23 2015

Welcome to the Cargocall blog! Our aim is to raise shipping industry issues and share useful information with importers and exporters involved in logistics and supply chain using air freight, sea freight, road freight and express courier services. All of which we offer here at Cargocall.

If you are shipping to west coast USA, port congestion still remains a problem. However since the situation has lasted so long most shippers are building in delays to their delivery forecasts. As an example one of our recent arrivals at Long Beach docked 10th Jan and was cleared and delivered in Denver CO by 19th Jan.

Sea freight rates from China and the Far East continue to move downwards due to the slow-down of the Chinese economy and falling oil prices. This is good news for importers, but equally good news for exporters selling into China and the Far East as export freight rates are also at very competitive levels. The same is true for air freight rates into the region and for some companies they have moved from sea to air with a view to holding less stock in China in light of its economy. Air freight allows for a quick reaction to market trends with extra transport costs being balanced against sluggish stock-turn and warehousing.

For companies trading with Switzerland the recent exchange rate adjustment has proved very challenging. This may impact transport costs particularly road freight where Swiss hauliers are involved. If you’ve seen a spike in Swiss transport costs please call or email Cargocall for possible price improvements.

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