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American Blues for Shippers

Jan 28 2015

Whilst some areas of the North East Coast USA have not had quite the snowfall expected, others have. Boston has been hit hard with the weather and the airport has been closed with a possible re-opening today. Flights to and from Newark, New York, Washington DC, Boston etc have been affected. Shippers with air freight consignments to move will undoubtedly see delays in arrival times. Some ports have also been closed in the area so sea freight shipments due to dock or depart may also be delayed.

On the other side of the country Long Beach and Los Angeles Ports are still facing congestion due to a work-to-rule dispute (amongst other things). Yesterday 21 container ships were anchored outside of the ports waiting to dock. If you have shipments to move to or from West Cost USA which are on a tight schedule consider air freight if your shipping budget can stretch to it, or look for another route outside Long Beach and Los Angeles. We can help with both options here at Cargocall.

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