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Air Freight: Security Under Your Feet

Feb 02 2015

As most of us will be aware when we take our overseas flight, not only is the aircraft carrying us and our baggage it will also be carrying cargo.  Everything from hazardous chemicals, motor parts, books (yes, we still ship books) to pharmaceuticals, are all below our feet in the cargo hold.  So, you will be glad to know that the UK has a pretty stringent security regime for air freight export shipments.  If you are an exporter and not registered with the Department for Transport as a “Known Consignor” any air freight consignment you ship will be subject to a security x-ray.  Here at our Heathrow facility, Cargocall has access to one of the most sophisticated and up to date x-ray machines.  This will take freight sizes up to a maximum 180cm width and 180cms height.  For larger shipments we have alternative security screening methods.  Right now we have some excellent air freight deals into Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dubai, New York and Los Angeles.  Please call for further information.

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