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Shipping to Ghana - Changes Ahead

Feb 11 2015

From March 1st 2015 (Bill of Lading date) the Advance Shipment Information System (ASHI) will be mandatory for all shipments bound for the ports in Ghana.

As from this date, each Bill of Lading for sea freight shipments to Ghanaian ports will need to be covered by a validated ASHI document.

The Ghana Shippers’ Authority has assigned Antaser Afrique and its international agency network as sole representative. This organisation will be in charge of the issuance and validation of the ASHI, through the dedicated website www.antaser.com.

Shipping lines are required to state the ASHI number on the Bill of Lading and Cargo Manifest and any cargo not covered by a valid ASHI will not be cleared through Ghana Customs and appropriate fines will be charged to shipping lines and importers.

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