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Trade Gateway to Iran

Trade Gateway to Iran

Cargocall has been preparing trade routes to Iran since notification of the lifting of sanctions. We have established partnerships with local infrastructure providers enabling us to deliver your consignment from anywhere in the UK to anywhere in Iran, whatever its size or weight.

As sanctions are now lifted a top 20 economy with a market of 75m people is now open for business, the biggest new market to re-enter the global economy in decades. US sanctions remain in place however, giving European and Asian companies a head start on re-entering this market. Could you be one of them?

Legal advice may be necessary as part of your plan to export, advice can be given by contacting www.greatbusiness.gov.uk. You may also be eligible for financial support in exporting to Iran, please contact www.gov.uk/government/organisations/uk-export-finance to pursue this opportunity.

If you would like to contact Cargocall for a conversation on exporting to Iran or have an opportunity to ship already please contact us on 0208 564 8074 and ask for the Iran Desk or email info@cargocall.com. It will be our pleasure to support you.
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